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IT Consulting. Let Us Do the Code.

Ahh, the magic word! Everyone wants an app these days, be on iOS or Android. It is hard to come up with an original idea in this day and age. At least for me. You think you got one? Give us a shout and we can make your dream come true! Be forewarned, sometimes concept review by the Apple store or the Google Play Store can be rigorous, but its not our first rodeo! We will do everything in our power to pass review and get your beloved app where it belongs. In front of customers.

Virtual Reality

Still breaking the ice on this one. Currently developing primarily on the Occulus Quest. VR is hardly a new industry, but hardly an old one either! Check back at a later date, and we may have just the stuff you need to get into the VR or augmented reality market.

Machine Learning

If i had to describe machine learning, i would say it can solve problems that traditional programming cannot. Sometimes as a business owner, a smart programming solution is your only solution. You might need to make forecasts, or stock predictions, or even have facial recognition. We have this area covered with Tensorflow, R, and python. 

Our Team

No task is too big or little. Our target market is those small business owners that can't pay $1000 to $9000 for a basic website. That's too much! That is why here at gingersnap, we offer a free consultation, and have our base package starting price at only $500. 

One of the greatest challenges in building a website for a small business is content. A lot of times, the software developers leave it up to the business to provide them content, like pictures or videos etc. Here at GSS, the less you have to do, the better -- thats why we have a photographer on staff. If you are local, we will come to you and we get the content so you don't have to!

What if you don't need basic. What if you need a full blown backend, API, Database, webserver and all? Still -- no problem. This comes with a bit of cost so we can't start at $100 anymore, maybe $200, it will really be dependant on what exactly you need. Good news, free consultation!

Our Team


Austin Fisher

Phone: 918-520-5934

CCNA, SQL, and C# certified, Austin wrote his first program when he was 7 years old. It was love at first site and he now has numerous languages under his belt, as well as a passionate relationship with machine learning and neural networks. His aspirations are based on inspiring the younger generations with strategy games to keep our children thinking. 


Ian Hill
Back End Software Engineer

Ian is a natural problem-solver with a passion for building quality software solutions that meet customer needs. He’s always looking to expand his skillset and is constantly on the lookout for new programming challenges. He loves to share his knowledge with others by teaching and mentoring other developers, and has a strong commitment to providing efficient and innovative software solutions.


Andrew Canida
Full Stack Software Engineer

Andy is a full-stack engineer specializing in web development and mobile app development. With 8+ years of engineering experience, he is a seasoned programmer and software developer. He is an expert in modern web development technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. He has deep knowledge of server-side language technologies such as Node.js, Python and PHP and the necessary frameworks that go along with them.


Alizah Baker-Morse
Front End Software Engineer

Alizah a front end software engineer, passionate about creating amazing web experiences and bringing design to life. She's worked on a variety of projects. Her skill set includes JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, and Sass. Her goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible with web technology and create products that wow users and yield real business results. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new technologies and perfecting her craft.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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