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Robo Raid, an introduction

We've all played strategy games, well us geeks have. Robo Raid is in fact a strategy game. Tower defense game would be more accurate. Build an economy, build defenses, and go take your buddy's base! You don't have to though, you can just build up your base and play against the environment. We have a big vision for this game, that we haven't been able to accomplish in the small time we have been developing it, but get closer every single day.

We want this game to affect our younger generation in a positive way. Not too hard to discourage them, instead we want to have a high skill ceiling.

Despite that we got a lot of inspiration from other games like Baloons, Radiant Defense, and Clash of Clans, Robo Raid is unique in all around gameplay style. We have set a launch date of March 19th, and intend to meet that goal; however, to us this is a long term game. We don't want to release a Robo Raid, a Robo Raid 2, a Robo Raid 3. We want to give constant updates, that add challenging hooks or customization options.

Another philosophy we have at Gingersnap Software, we don't want to have ads. Ads take away the users' experience in a game. We also want the game to be accessible, free to play. There will be in-app purchases for users that want more graphic customization, or who aren't as patient as the rest of us, or maybe they just want to support our company.


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